Mokena Emergency Services & Disaster Agency

ESDA personnel respond only when activated by police and fire departments, or when requested by Mokena Village Officials or area ESDAs with which we hold Mutual Aid Agreements.   In the event of an emergency, you would go through the normal procedure of calling 911.  Local, County, State, and Federal Emergency Management Agencies have the channels to communicate with us immediately.

Like many dedicated volunteers, our commitment to local and regional community service and the recognition of our peers is our only compensation.

No, while State Statue empowers us in specific circumstances with policing authority, i.e. to police the activity of traffic and pedestrians, the power to make arrests and the use of force is reserved for sworn peace officers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neither, nor are we EMS.  While our membership includes firefighters and police officers, our agency is organized as a discrete village department.

Is ESDA part of the Police department or the Fire department?

You have the squad cars and the uniforms, can you arrest people?

How much do you get paid?

How do I call ESDA in an emergency?

No one.  Tune in to your local radio or TV station and listen for instructions.  The new EAS which interrupts radio and TV broadcasts with announcements and screen crawlers is now ”All Hazard” and will give you pertinent information including weather, Amber Alerts, and other Public Safety information.  Any citizen calling 911 merely to find out what the siren is for will only clog up the lines of communication and impede the response of  emergency activities that may be needed at that time.

Who do I call when a siren goes off?

Non-Emergency Phone: 708-479-3922