Text Box: Did you Know?  In 1976, the Village of Mokena changed the name of Mokena Civil Defense to Mokena Emergency Services & Disaster Agency (ESDA), to be consistent with the new name of the Illinois Civil Defense Agency.

Mokena Emergency Services & Disaster Agency

Our Mission

Non-Emergency Phone: 708-479-3922

E-mail: mokenaesda@hotmail.com

Our agency is tasked by federal law & Village ordinance with a two-fold mission:

Emergency Services. . .


 Severe Weather Monitoring

 Search and Rescue

 Emergency Communications

 Flood Water Pumping

 Mobile and Portable Lighting and Power

 Mobile Incident Command Van Response

 Traffic Direction

 Crowd Control

 Debris Removal

 Response to downed wires

 Hazardous Materials Response


& Disaster Agency

Disaster Agency

The second part of Mokena ESDA's mission is to coordinate the efforts of the Village of Mokena, public service districts that serve the Village, the business community, and Mokena's residents in all facets of disaster prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. This includes a number of activities:

 Developing and Maintaining the Village's Emergency Operations Plan

 Developing, maintaining, and operating the Village's outdoor warning siren system

 Educating the public on steps they can take to protect themselves from the effects of disasters

 Coordinating the response to major emergencies and disasters